Hematology Equipment List (Laboratory Instruments)

Laboratory Instruments:-Understand the basic need of laboratory instruments. Instruments and equipment are the most essential components of a medical laboratory. It is quite important to get to know all the new instruments and equipment some of the equipment are given below.

All Hematology Instrumets List

1.Hematology Analyzers

Hematology Analyzer are used to run test on blood sample. They are used in the medical Field to do white blood cell Counts, Complete Blood Count, reticulocyte analysis, and coagulation test.


A microscope in used to study proper and enlarged and well defined images of object, too small to be observed with naked eyes.

Wipe the objective by using a soft cloth by moving the cloth across.

3.Analytical Balance

Analytic balance is basically a two-pan balance. It has a simple operation by which a set of know weight is added in one pan while the other pan is balanced by the substance being weighed.


The centrifuge is used to rapidly sediments particles such as cells, which may be suspended in a fluid.

The principle is that the centrifuge exerts a centrifugal force which is greater than that of gravity, and causes particles in a fluid to sediments.

5.Automatic ESR Machine

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is determines by measuring in millimeter per hour, the distance red cell have fallen after separating from plasma in a vertical sed-rate pipette.

6.Hot Air Oven

It is used mainly for dry sterilization for, drying glasswares and some other metallic instruments.


They are used for growing microorganisms on various culture media. It must be properly cleaned before and after uses.

8.Water bath


It is used to carry out various chemical reactions at specific temperature. Depending upon the requirements of an experiment.